Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun

(1755 - 1842) SELF PORTRAIT IN STRAW HAT, 1782 The work seems to have been inspired by Rubens's portrait of Susanna Lunden, called 'Le Chapeau de Paille' (The Straw Hat), also in the National Gallery, which Le Brun had seen in Antwerp. In fact, Rubens portrayed Susanna Lunden in a felt hat. In her self … Continue reading Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun

present thoughts

Present thoughts - what an assignment to live up to, how could I possibly deliver? Thoughts being of such a mercurial nature, they seem to slide and morph into one another or jump around in my head in ever decreasing circles. Who knows how our minds work -not I, I suspect that actually looking objectively … Continue reading present thoughts