present thoughts

Present thoughts – what an assignment to live up to, how could I possibly deliver? Thoughts being of such a mercurial nature, they seem to slide and morph into one another or jump around in my head in ever decreasing circles. Who knows how our minds work -not I, I suspect that actually looking objectively from outside in, we would see a vastly different world to the one that we are used to inhabiting. Maybe dreams are the nearest source that we are privileged enough to come near to it, and yet they too are most often incomprehensible in the light of day. While attempting to interpret them ourselves, I for one am sure I’m very much off the mark. The postcards from the mind are mixed metaphors of meaning, supposedly helping us to understand where we might be at, together with our deepest desires and the hidden agendas we repress.

With or without these thoughts in mind, I made an art piece to which I have given the title DREAM. It would seem that much artistic output refers to our unconscious, which perhaps gives a more coherent and accessible way in to this underground world. Not to assume that the effort of mine is fit for purpose, yet it came into being, anyway. Freud says that the artist is one that is mourning a loss, which may put them in enough of a vulnerable position to contemplate unconscious motives within the hidden agenda of their output. And yet it may not, it may take years of maturity to have such insights, and even then the truth of the matter can and very often will remain illusive. Poetry, music, literature – all the arts are open to individual interpretation and individual needs, after putting down the book, leaving the art gallery the work of interpretation perhaps begins?

But once in a while the odd thing happens

Once in a while the dream comes true

And the whole pattern of life is altered

Once in a while, the moon turns blue W.H.Auden

Maybe this begs the question, what sort of dreams? Are they waking fantasies of hopes and desires, or are they the hidden representatives of a deeper reality that will break through our daytime revelries to tell a more uncomfortable truth? Yet sleeping dreams can be happy, even humorous if we’re lucky – in my personal experience, these sorts have been few, and breaking the code nigh on impossible. And yet it is we who are the writers, directors, actors, and camera recorders of our nocturnal creations. It seems a pity that so often, the meaning of these creations which may tell us so much about ourselves, and possibly add to a better understanding and control of the individual lives we live, result in films of mystery.

DREAM 2021

One thought on “present thoughts

  1. Thank you for the Freud quite “Freud says that the artist is one that is mourning a loss, ….I really understand that and feel I relate to it very much. I’m sure that’s where all my work is coming from. Striking image Dream m 2031.

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