Avatars – 25.11.2017

Avatars – 25.11.2017

It could be said that we morph back and forth into a past, present and imagined future a thousand times a day. These day time occurrences follow us into night, in the form of visions or dreams – promoted by anxieties and unresolved issues, which in turn can create unique picture stories. Translated into sleep language, unknown realms may be visited, which might also appear frustratingly familiar to us – so alive in their envisioning are they. Yet attempting to replay the tape recording, it is more often than not deleted or fuzzy. Part of ourselves would seem to live in a parallel world peopled by Avatar’s – acted, scripted and directed, according to individual agendas. This hidden, dark part of who we are, would I believe be the unconscious. In this secret world, we are at once the creator of the Avatar’s, yet conversely created by them. As extensions of ourselves, they make their way into our day time activities, whereby we may aim to regain control of these creatures in many varied ways, such as video games, or the edited scripts of our surface lives, via social media, i.e. Facebook etc. Blogs?

The business of making art is perhaps a form of ‘Avitarism’, spurred by a kind of performance that initiates an understanding of our inner world, versus the plastic one that surrounds us. Perhaps this is an attempt to penetrate the unceasing conflict between an inner and outer reality, that’s always threatening to invade and take over our consciousness. To make order from chaos, liberate memories from their subterranean homeland by dredging the sea bed. What might be found there can come in many guises, and through time and the ages images have rained down upon us, akin to the ‘characters’ that Alice throws in the air, when she realises that she has merely dreamt a pack of cards. Yet whilst asleep, such characters have a power which is never quite containable upon awakening.

The still and quiet images of the past and present perhaps face us down, and tell us of our vulnerability in an ever-changing world, which can seem daunting. Desires, just out of reach, beckoned by the seductive mechanism of the material world system, leave us chasing that which is unobtainable. Good art, great art, may be may be a cliché term, yet within its scope, the proposition that the world around us changes, while we humans will always be catching at its coat tails in an attempt to keep up, seems real. Humanity appears to manifest little change. Thus the avatar in us all, perhaps recognises that we are placating the inner ‘scream’ that units the sameness of people’s both now, and from the distant past.


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